Equality is almost always missed and never thought about in an interview. Whereas plotting equal position between providers of employment and job seekers will optimize the interview. Job providers often put his/her position in the top of job seekers in the process of identifying causing the ability of job seekers is not optimal explore due to job seekers were in a position inferior and depressed. Things like this are very detrimental to the company's own party because it will most likely be losing potential candidates that fit the character and objectives of the company.

Undoubtable there is so many job seekers on earth, but looking for worker who are suitable with company’s character and goal of the company is not that easy. Looking for a combination of capability and chemistry is the main one. If on preliminary meeting have been preceded by the attitude of pugnacious, not open and pressed will not very rare of failure interviews and the loss of potential workers. The company must also be aware that it is the interview participant who need a job, but on the other hand company also need workers to fill in the blanks position. Pressing and acting as unequal position during the interview will make the process of finding a right employee be long and company productivity will not achieve immediately.

 Almost always as the party who was interviewed, job seekers involuntarily put their position under the position of employer before the interview starts. Make the interview as a place to broaden, networking and improve knowledge so that the burden of stress reduced and a sense of confidence are rising. As a job seekers, we should also do a snapshot assessment, whether company like this is suitable for me? Whether type of a superior like this suitable for me? Is it comfortable if I work here? Will this company give me a chance to perform? Things like above will increase and makes us is in a position that is equivalent and without us realizing enhance the sense of confidence and make us able to appreciate the ability alone

Work providers and job seekers has equivalent position and interests. Company evaluate if job seeker is suitable and fit for responsibility in certain role. Job seeker also assessing if the company is the place which give me the chance of achievement and developing. So equality is important to for a smooth interview in order to reach the goal that benefits both parties. Hopefully this notes can benefit to all parties. Have a nice work.

Written by      : Aryuani Indriastuti- Country Operation Manager Benchmark Recruitment

Translated by : Inkan Ghea Askara- Business Development Benchmark Recruitment

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